It’s a Blog’s Life

Why be normal? Rather than stick to the name of “Principal’s Blog”, I’ve decided to refer to what I have to say on this bloggy thing as “Prattlings”. There may be some who will agree that is exactly right for some of the things that venture from my lips and I will not disagree. Changing the terminology frees me up to, perhaps, treat this blog as an opportunity to cover a more wide-ranging scope of subjects, all related to lifelong learning and my role here at Higham. I also rather like the alliterative sound of “Principal’s Prattlings” and the fact that the new word I am introducing seems to not be in common usage, but still conveys a sense of what is going on here.

It also means  can refer to the blog in a more subversive manner on occasion. I do not ever think my spoken thoughts are any more worthwhile than those of others far more insightful than myself, but I do feel the wish to at least offer up some background notions for people to, hopefully, enjoy a little.

Within this set of “prattlings” there will be worthwhile content, of interest to Highamites. I do hope, also, that any attempts at humour are taken as such, and that the intention of any writing here is always to inform and give a deeper insight into the world of Higham. I also wish, on occasion, to share some funny things that can happen in a place like this – if I can remember any – perhaps as an antidote to the recent seriousness of trying to keep us all safe.

Finally, to remain relevant to its readership, because there should be a bias towards the objective rather than my own self in these ramblings, the thmbnail photo is of the real brains behind this place – the ever-knowing Monty (he’s 8 years old now, believe it or not), who so many of you enjoy seeing, when you visit.