Rooms 4 & 5 – Welcome home!

Those students who are familiar with these two bedrooms may identify with the fact that they both suffered from ‘snore-bleed’ through the adjoining wall. This was due to the fact that when the rooms were originally divided many years ago, the wall between them was just a stud partition. Now, however, it has been enhanced with some clever acoustic noise-repressing board that has been put up as well. This should solve the snoring issue.

As well as that, both bedrooms have been redecorated. As with Bedrooms 1 and 2, we have based out scheme on an inspired 1870s wallpaper design, but this time, we have actually papered a feature wall in each. We have divided up the wall so that the entrance to each room is a nice heritage pale ocre, with the wallpaper starting in the main part of the bedroom. Again, woodwork skirting and door frames have been picked out in a darker contrasting shade, suitable for the visually impaired.

Room 4 now has its new curtains up – a light gold version of the gothic harvest theme in rooms 1 & 2. We are waiting for Room 5’s material. The curtain rails are bronze metal poles with rings. Room 5 is still awaiting some panelling work around its window.

Both rooms now have larger wall mirrors and one outside face of their fitted cupboards painted the darker colour for contrast. One subtle touch is the rafter in Room 5 now has one face in the white ocre shade of the walls, and the rest blending in with the ceiling white. The new period style toggle light switches have made us happy – helping to bring both these rooms in to feel a true part of this 1828 manor house.

Both rooms are awaiting new fitted headboards and shelving units in Light Oak. These will enable slightly easier movement and will give the rooms a slightly more updated, practical feel. One picture is hanging on the wall facing the feature wall and that is it, as the minimalist approach will suit our aims to keep the rooms practical and pleasant. Both of these rooms had the challenge of having small windows, so are limited on light. Indeed, Room 4 has had its skylight boarded up as it annoyed some people who wanted not to get up with the lark!