Staying on the Level – COMPLETED

Converting the Bungalow from 3 standard rooms sharing 1 bathroom to 4 ensuite bedrooms to provide practical ground floor accommodation.

Whilst we are limited in the Hall itself as to what can be done (7 bedrooms are still non-ensuite and all are upstairs), we can improve things. We will transform the Bungalow to suit what is needed to meet modern expectations and realistic needs for those who come, taking some of the pressure off the Main Hall.

The Bungalow was built in the 1960s for the then warden of the girl’s school. It was not conceived as accommodation for the college, and as such, in its current form is very limited in its ability to meet people’s needs. The most urgent of these being more WCs! However, we feel that we can do better than simply adding a convenience WC and so are trying to reconfigure the layout and create a new, accessible bedroom.

We will still have the Gatehouse with its own kitchen and lounge as am occasional holiday let – but the current form of the Bungalow, despite recent upgrades in the past three years, does not suit what the college’s needs are.

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