Sympathetic Redecoration – COMPLETED ROOMS 1-5

Redecoration Room 2 2016-08-04 20.27.52Using heritage colours and cues to refurbish bedrooms and public areas so that they reflect significant eras the building has been through.

We are being fussy about what we are using and making sure things are done to a high standard, both for longevity and for aesthetic appeal. For instance, Bedroom 2 has been repainted in heritage colours with a feature wall the same base colour as a heritage wallpaper sample from the 1870s, which we have framed as a reference point. The heritage wallpaper is being used in some larger bedrooms.

On a practical note, in some rooms we are installing larger mirrors, better curtain poles and, eventually, new carpets and soft furnishings to upgrade the feel. In addition, the correct contrasts are being sought for door frames and windows to accommodate visual impairment and create good tonal distinction so that thresholds can be easily identified.

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