The Queen’s Tree

Earlier this year, the nation celebrated the 70th Anniversary of HRH Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. At that time, Higham ordered a special tree and a plaque to commemorate this once in a lifetime occasion.

Finally the tree has arrived. It took a long time to source the right one, but it had been Neil the gardener’s special preference to opt for a London Plane Tree (Platanus x Hispanica), which is a tree found in abundance down in our capital city. This is a sycamore-related species that could grow to exceed 100 feet in height. In years to come, this tree, where we have positioned it, will become a significant feature bordering the front lawn at Higham, somewhat counter-balancing the Fir on the other border. It will also give our famous Cedar tree a run for its money in terms of height.

Of course, this tree now carries more significance due to the passing of our late monarch. We hope that its presence will remind people of what a unique sovereign our nation and commonwealth were so lucky to have had for so long.

The photos were taken on a frosty winter’s morning, with the sun just creeping above the treeline to the east. You can see the location relative to the Hall here, just between the formal front lawn and the wild flower strip. We hope that Highamites will enjoy checking in on this special tree’s progress over the coming years. Such trees have been known to survive for hundred’s of years, so, one day, who knows who will be made aware of the year our country had a platinum jubilee for our Queen.