Why the Long Face?

Meet Rye, the beautiful 15 year old Gypsy Cob owned by one of our cooks, Ann and her husband Ronnie. Rye was ‘driven’ up today by Jennifer pulling their racing carriage. (That’s Rye pulling the carriage, Jennifer was the ‘driver’ or ‘pilot’ or whatever the term should be – sorry, my ignorance must appear appalling)

Yes, that is the type of horse-drawn vehicle the late Prince Philip used to compete in at places like the Lowther Estate and daily exercise for Rye involves a good run pulling the carriage. He is shooed every six weeks and stands 13 hands tall.

It’s easy to forget that when Higham was built, horse and trap was the way to be transported. What is now the STUDIO was the carriagehouse. We couldn;t take Rye there this time for a photo because of the building work, but such a photo opp might be nice one day.

Monty the chocolate lab wasn’t around this time to meet lovely Rye, but I am sure their paths will cross some day.