Apples and Pears

As Bert might have said: “Blimey, Mary Poppins! Cop a load of ’em apples and pears.”

Perhaps an overlooked feature within the modest grounds at Higham are the espaliers which line the inside wall of our rear car park. Each year these delightful trees yield some interesting apples and pears. This year, they are coming on a treat.

When we get round to pick the fruit in the autumn, we often put some out in the front porch for people to take home. We hate to see anything go to waste, although some of the birds do seem to make the most of what they can get as well. Each tree lining the wall is different and we have some local varieties such as Egremont Russet and Keswick Codlin plus others including Kidds Orange Red and also a Williams Pear.

The trees are representative of a kitchen garden which used to serve the manor house. Parts of the original wall are still present henind the Gatehouse, but any allusions to kitchen gardening over the years have dwindled. Efforts have been made in the past, but it was found to be too tome consuming and not enough for the amount of people who now come to Higham over the year.

Next time you’re up at Higham, maybe you could venture over to see these delightful species along the back wall of the rear car park. “An’ ya don’t have to tread through a muddy orchard to see ’em, Mary.”

As we proceed through the summer and into autumn, there’ll be some impressive hanging fruit after a while. One of the many little surprises we have in our 6 acres of grounds.