Cumbria Arts & Culture Network Podcast – Episode 2

The second episode of the CACN podcast is now available. It is very professionally done (You’d be hard pressed to distinguish the Podcast from a Radio Four walk and talk programme. Not too much of surprise, since podcst presenter Tom Speight has worked for the ‘Beeb’ for 25 years!) – and you can listen to the podcsst on most devices without any fuss or cost (all moderrn web browsers will play it without any problem). If you have a spare half hour and are interested in the places and people behind the Arts and Culture around our region, then this is a very worthwhile listen.

For those of you who are wondering, CACN (the Cumbria Arts and Culture Network) is the organisation behind the regular Friday morning¬† Zoom Conversations that I have been mentioning a lot to Highamites and have ‘attended’ since during lockdown. It was considered so worthwhile amongst participants, it has continued. I was introduced to it through a couple of our Art Tutors, but now it includes all manner of people interested in the wide variety of cultural things.

CACN stated mission speaks for itself:

“… to connect, empower, champion and extend arts and cultural provision within the region and beyond.”

CACN has a superb website that includes a variety of things of relevance to the cultural sector in the area, without anything commercial. It has been considered so worthwhile as a way of linking people in the culture sector (including some of our Tutors), it has received significant national funding to keep going. The team behind it are very talented and experienced and the network is going from strength to strength.

I recommend the CACN website highly as an opportunity for movers and shakers especially to keep in touch with what’s around, including opportunities for jobs in the sector and collaboration.